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a full service video production studio based in Los Angeles.

GansMEDIA is an award winning full service video production studio catering to corporate, broadcast and film based in Los Angeles. We focus on helping clients create compelling content which is not only thought provoking, but aesthetic to the eye. From corporate videos, explainers and pitch videos to short and long form documentary and narrative films, GansMEDIA can be there every step of the way. From concept to delivery, we can guide you through scripting the idea, video editing and delivery. Whether you are creating an online campaign, broadcast commercial, Youtube or Instagram videos, or just need a feature film editor, we are here. 



A little sizzle of some projects we have worked on. All are editing, some allowed us to come on as full production.


Our goal is to collaborate with clients to create captivating stories that resonate with audiences.

Whether you need us to shoot your next promo spot, hire us to do video editing on your next project or help you launch your next big campaign, we can build the perfect crew for your video production.  From creating the perfect workflow to assembling the pieces together to tell your story, we will help you create compelling content. From all aspects of video production, conception all the way to video editing, we have you covered.


“I love Film Editors!  If they’re good that is and when I was in a time crunch on my last film, “Ginny” (a documentary on the widow of Henry Mancini) I knew from our last project together Alex Gans could do it.  Alex listens carefully to the director, he’s quick, creative, attentive to detail and most importantly stays with the story line.  No question he makes me look good…and our films are very good!  Yes, he is officially my one and only Film Editor for all future projects”.

Lisa Colburn, Red Fire Films

Besides being a consummate professional, Alex is a joy to work with. I’ve primarily worked with him on biography style videos and he has a keen eye for detail and accuracy as well as asking direct questions to bring out the best in the person being filmed. He offers an expert opinion of story-boarding concepts and is knowledgeable of ways to best capture the essence of whatever is being filmed and his editing skills help craft the ideal messaging points. Look forward to working with him in the future.

April Moore, Cedars-Sinai

I hired Alex for a production job where I needed him to find a very particular location and secure an entire crew. Alex was nothing short of relentless in his efforts to satisfy the needs of our end client. This was a difficult task, given the location and budget constraints. Alex worked around the clock to ensure that everything related our shoot would be as professional and buttoned up as possible.

Being out of state, I put a lot of trust in his ability to pull this off and I can honestly say that he nailed it. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of production services in LA!

Adam Levine, All Things Media

Alex is a talented and hard working guy – a real plus to have in your corner and on the team, but can operate in solo mode and still deliver. He is a creative force without drama or hot wind, just results.

Joe Gill, Mark Woollen & Associates

Alex is a very knowledgeable and creative editor. He’s a good guy to know.

Richard Levine, Cyberia Media

Working with Alex on my short film SHADES OF GRAY was an amazing experience. He brought a very mediocre “first cut” to a whole new level. He has a wonderful sense of both story and pacing. I would definitely work with Alex again.

Julie Koehnen, Ravenstorm Productions

Alex was a tremendous professor. He managed to explain editing in a clear way and it was easy to understand him since he used a great deal of examples to back-feed his knowledge. I really enjoyed learning his editing techniques. I will always recommend Alex as a professor.

Daniel Alvarez, College Student

Alex is a super detailed media creator. His work was complete and not over the top in effects and efficiency. I would recommend him to everyone.

Rick Olsen, Olson Visual

Video Editing

Feature films, documentaries, commercials, there are so many puzzles to put together so we can definitely handle all your video editing needs. Whether you are looking for a seasoned editor to help finish your video production or an editor to cut your next feature, we have you covered.

Video Production Services

Commercials, corporate videos, films, etc all need the person to wrangle it all together. Whether you are an out of state company looking to shoot here in LA or local to the area, we can take care of the full video production. GansMEDIA has an amazing pool of creative professionals who can guide clients from pre through post production.  We will build you the perfect workflow and crew for any production.


I am always available for onsite consultation and video production direction. I have been called on to help develop ideas on workflows and setups for small and large scale productions.

List of Services

Animated Videos

B2B Videos

BTS Videos

Branded Content

Brand Films

Case Study Videos

Corporate Event Videos and Presentations

Corporate Videos

Crowdfunding Videos

Documentary Films

Live Event Videos

Film Editing

Video Editing

Lifestyle Videos

Explainer Videos

Fashion Videos

Health and Wellness Videos

Highlight Reels

Motion Graphics

How-to Videos

Instructional Videos

Livestreaming Videos

Law Firm Videos

Medical Videos

Pitch Videos

Product Launch

Real Estate Videos

Trade Show Videos

Social Media Videos

Training Videos



The teams that we put together for any production are some of the most talented in their field. Below are a few of the people I work with who help clients create captivating stories that resonate with audiences.


Alex Gans | Owner

With more than 15 years experience in film/video production, Alex is truly passionate about his craft. He created GansMEDIA in 2008 after working for various post houses in LA. Throughout his career he has had the pleasure of working with such high profile clients as Dreamworks, Warner Brothers and Modern Video Film. He was senior editor at an award winning post house in charge of all video editing and even helped build the video production department for one of the largest communications provider in social media. As a video editor and producer Alex has worked on feature films, documentaries and commercial spots. 

His purpose when creating GansMEDIA was to help clients handle all aspects of video production and create compelling video across any medium. With his years of experience in film and video production, and tradition rooted in classical storytelling he works with agencies, brands, studios, and directors to create aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking content. Focusing on providing clients with an amazing collaborative experience, GansMEDIA can handle any video production. From building the crew and choosing the right location all the way to video editing and sound design. We would love to collaborate on your next video production. 

You are only as strong as the people you surround yourself with. Below is a collection of some creative professionals I pull together to build the video production. 


Please click here if you have been contacted or see posts from me regarding jobs in video production. 

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me for your next video production. I do my best to respond within 24 hours.

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Venice, Ca

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Just a collection of photos, videos and anything else that Im thinking about. 


Matt Read
Sean Clark
Key Grip

With a degree in film Sean navigates the sets of commercials, feature films and television shows as a key grip and lighting tech. Basically, he can operate any piece of equipment and set up lights like nobody’s business. When he is not working you can find him looking up at the stars as he takes long walks on the Venice Boardwalk.

Hometown: Venice, CA

Rickie Bocanegra
Hair | Makeup

Rickie Bocanegra licensed professional with over 11 years working in the beauty industry. So people feel comfortable when she touches their face. She has worked with companies such as Paul Mitchell, Poise Makeup Professional and is currently Brand Ambassador for Hot Tools U.S. On set Rickie is amazing at creating the perfect look to compliment the style of the project.

Carlos Sanches
Re-Recording Engineer

Emmy winning re-recording mixer Carlos Sanches started his career in sound as a blues/jazz musician in Salt Lake City, Utah. He studied film at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah before continuing his education in sound at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona. Upon graduation, he’s worked for Signet/Soundelux Studios, TriCoast Studios, Mercury Sound, Victory Studios, Monkeyland Audio, and for the past nine years at Audio Circus/Warner Bros. Equally adept at mixing sound for Television, Animation and Feature Films, Carlos is capable of delivering top notch mixes in a very efficient time frame. Carlos has been nominated three times for the MPSE Golden Reel Awards as a supervising sound editor and sound effects editor, and recently won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing – Animation.

Leo Kaliski

Leo received his Bachelor’s of Music from California State University Northridge. He has worked on such high profile projects as “God of War, “Revolution” and “The Minions” and alongside such composers as Gerard Marino, Christopher Lennertz and Heitor Pereira. He has also lent his composing skills to companies including Audi, Taco Bell and NBC.

Joseph Alex Pollini

Alex developed an affection for photography and film while growing up in the mountains of the Eastern Sierra.  Inspired by the works of adventure photographer Galen Rowell, Alex discovered his passion for creating emotional connections through powerful and authentic images.  Today Alex purses this passion through motion pictures. Working with such clients as HBO, Virgin America and Reebok has allowed him to captures thought-provoking stories.  From ancient Buddhist dances in the Himalayas, to diamond mines in the Canadian tundra, to the lives of Los Angeles foster youth, Alex’s mission is to inspire viewers.

Chris Thueson
Sound Engineer

Chris has recorded sound on a wide variety of productions including feature films, behind the scenes, and corporate media.
He has swung a boom for Playboy, Relativity Television, and College Humor. When he’s not mixing you can find him in nature, kayaking, hiking or just enjoying the sounds.